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Resolved! USB

PC (2013): Motherboard Asus Z87 plus - USB 3.0Smartphone (2019) :Asus ZF 6-USB 2.0?

Is there a way to prolong the video capture?

Is there a way to prolong the video capture? It cuts around 30 minutes. After a certain update during Android 9, I couldn't take a video longer than 30 minutes

Inno by Star I
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Help: Looking to downgrade to Android 9

I'm looking to downgrade to Android 9 from Android 10 on my US variant of the Asus Zenfone 6. I tried looking it up on the site, but the downgrade file there states it's only available for the WW version.Does anyone have a download link or guide to d...

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Jeb by Rising Star II
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Game genie freezes the game when entering "Macro select"

As title. This makes it impossible to use more than one macro in real-time games. A better UI would look like this: Where the name of the current macro can be tapped and then a drop-down menu as indicated by the white triangle will popup and the mac...

evnchn by Rising Star II
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Why i am not getting high quality graphics in some of the games

Not in pubg and cod but in asphalt 9 there is only default and performance option and not high quality option this is also true for modern combat 5. So, its on the game side or the option is not available in this phone?

Monark by Zen Master I
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Resolved! Camera flips too much

Hi allIm having this weird issue with two grey zenfones I bought. The camera flips "too much", It's working ok but in the selfie position, its not align to the phone. It's like facing down.It's like it doesnt have a "limit", when it reaches the posit...

Matiasp by Star I
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Headphone Audio Static?

Hi, I have owned the 128 GB version of the Zenfone 6 for about 3 months now and recently I have noticed that there is a pretty annoying static/hissing sound whenever I am playing audio through the headphone jack. I have used multiple headphones (Bose...

tepwu by Star II
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