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Swipe up all three Navigation buttons misbehaves

While swipe up the home button it shows the app drawer and close instead of navigate to the home page. (Video end name - 23-29_1) . Also when I swipe up all three the bottom navigations the keyboard keys are pressed. (Video end name - 31-32). And few...

Alaudeen by Rising Star I
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Instagram stories cant upload

Anyone experiencing cant upload the videos? The 1st one can. But the 2nd and the rest cant. Always like that. Btw how to keep the video quality good? OS 10. Thanks

iRwan by Star II
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Instagram camera

I really like the Zenfone 6 camera i think it's overall really good. But when using the camera in Instagram app on the other hand ughh... It's just badWhat do you think?

Voicemail and caller ID

Hi there. I am new with the Zenphone6. And have a few questions. First one is the voicemail. When I press 1 on my phone it asks me to setup the voicemail. I go into settings and I think I do everything I need to do but it will not set up. Am I doing ...

Call drops after exactly 30 mins.

Hi all!I have just found that every call I make with sim1 drops after exactly 30 minutes (tried 3 times). I don't know if the same situation happens with sim2 (can't check right now). I wonder if it is a setting I can change or some carrier limitatio...

CbIP by Star III
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Zenfone 6 dropping sms and mms messages

Like many other Zenfone 6 users, I am experiencing a ton of dropped sms and mms messages. I get maybe half of the messages that people send me and the other half just disappear into a black hole and never get delivered. I'm on Straight Talk using the...