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No HDR support for Netflix

Why is no HDR support for Netflix? It only plays movies in HD, but no HDR. HDR are only supported on YouTube.

Battery not charging randomly.

After recent updates my phone is not longer charging to 100 percent. Before going to bed I verify that is plugged and charging led is initiated some days it charges to between 60 to 70 percent sometimes less. I verified it's not the battery because ...

tkt228 by Star I
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[Zenfone 6] Samsung S9/S9+ charger (bundled) not working with zenfone 6

Hi,I have a Samsung S9 for work and usually have my samsung charger ( came with box) at my office desk. A week ago I tried to charge my brand new Zenfone 6 with it and the device charged for almost 5 seconds and then stopped charging out of the blue...

yashtr by Star III
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Live portrait video recording?? - Zenfone 6

Hi, all!Just wanted to ask if live portrait video recording is a thing for mobile devices? And if so, could you guys possibly add this feature to the Zenfone 6? Thanks in advance

Any option to hide bottom bar while use gesture navigation?

Hi, i really like to use new gesture navigation but this bottom bar is bad and behave strangely while I am using the keyboard it adds huge chin to it on the bottom. And is it necessary to display that bar? Oneplus have the option to hide it completel...

Kamil by Rising Star I
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Can we get a more unified dark theme?

Hey, can we get the more unified black theme? Now we have like gray system background, black background on status bar and notification, gray background in the app drawer and so on. How about add a gray system option and black system option and add so...

Kamil by Rising Star I
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8gb ram multitasking

Hey, I am on the last android 10 update but my phone 8/256 GB version behave more like 6 GB i mean ram usage is around 5,5 GB top (70%show in system developer options) and then the phone starts killing apps. Is this normal? I have usage of ram over 9...

Kamil by Rising Star I
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Phone Stuck at Asus logo screen.

My phone was turned off due to low battery , went home put phone to charge , when it was 13% connected to power still charging I tried to turn on the phone , now its stuck at ASUS logo screen.?