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Waze not connecting to GPS after update to 17.1810.2001.129

Hi,After each system update, Waze is not connecting to GPS and experiencing the same issue in Google Maps. This is usually sorted out if I restore the phone to factory settings, but I hate doing this all the time. Can you share some guidance on how t...

Zenfone 6 camera glass

I want to ask, what kind of glass is use on zenfone 6 camera, is it regular glass or gorilla glass?

Whatever by Rising Star I
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Asus 6z not recieving FOTA Update after repair.

Hello, My ASUS 6z (ZS630KL-2A037WW) is under warranty and it's motherboard was replaced 2 times as it was faulty. Since when it was repaired, i haven't received any update. when i checked asus 6z firmwares on official site, i saw there were many furt...

charging port is unreliable

Recently I have been having issues with my charging port. Sometimes when I plug it in it works fine other times I only get slow charging and other times I get a notification that it is charging and then it stops immediately after. I thought it could ...

Camera retraction noise

When my zenfone 6 is closed(not while shut down just when the screen goes off), by itself or by me, the camera module makes a creacking sound, is this any protective measure to keep camera retracted properly or its a bug ? Please let me know if anyon...

PowerMaster feature suggestion: limit charging to 80%

It's well known that the life of Li-ion batteries can be greatly prolonged by keeping them away from the 2 extremes (100% and 0%) qs much as possible.Since I got my ZenFone 6, I found that if I charge overnight while I sleep, and take it off the char...

Notification bar collapses automatically.

When we click option from notification bar, the notification bar collapses instead of staying open. This is really annoying because , I want to use other options too , but because the notification bar collapses automatically, we have to drag it dow...

Saran by Rising Star II
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Latest update ending with .129 killed my phone !!

The latest update killed my phone; wouldnt charge on speed mode so i turned it off to see if would fix my phone but my phone is dead now. Will wait for phone to drain out the remaining battery and see if turns back on.Unbelieveble, asus update are to...

Rangzen by Rising Star II
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