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Shame asus , wrost phone

Asus 6z is wrost phone I ever seen it not like flagship product. First I ordered realme X2 Pro but I cancel order ,and buy 6z but it was wrost decision.Heating issuesBattery drainNo ram managementCheap displayBest to buyReal me X2 ProBlack shark 2 @...

An earnest request to Asus software developers.

Dear team Asus,I write to you with an earnest request to push updates wisely and not in rush to keep up with other brands. I'm in no hurry for quick update but want quality update at a time no matter how long you take.Because of your recent rash and ...

Rangzen by Rising Star II
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Poor camera and screen in daylight

I buy asus 6z recently I am facing issuesHeating issuesBattery drain fastCamera poorScreen is very dull in daylightIt not like flagship product.15 to 20000 phone easily beat 6z.Asus need to fix .

Related to update

It is very good to see asus constantly giving update for their users and bcoz of this I want to say thanks to asus I want to suggest that there is nothing new in update . I think me and all the other users eagerly waiting for some thing new in the u...


The flip camera does not retract after ending a video call in Google duo app. Is it a bug or is it just how the app functions?PS: I just bought this phone yesterday so I am happy to be a part of the support community for the first time in my life.

Mirror video

How to disable front mirror video's...there is no option in setting

Resolved! How can I improve the ram management?

I've got the 6 GB versionThe ram management is totally irritating.It cant even run 2 apps in background.How to correct this issue the phone's got 6 gb ram and is acting like a 2 GB ram phoneAlso for the past 2 days it does hang a lot while switching ...

psn123 by Star II
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Flashlight not working on the latest firmware

Noticed this today. My flashlight doesn't wanna stay turned on anymore. When I activate the flashlight either by the UI button or doublepressing the smart key the light comes on for a split second before turning off. The phone keeps thinking it's on ...

Wifi & Wifi Hotspot connectivity issue with Bluetooth ON

I am noticing since last update that if Bluetooth is on and connected / paired with a device ( in my case it's Bluetooth earphones) , the wifi connection : both wifi Hotspot as well as wifi facing issues in connecting to the wifi network. It takes to...

Android 9

Is possible to downgrade to android 9 because problem of battery sound phone hangs please reply sir