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New option for battery care

Hi,I think you could add an option for the care of the battery that when it is active, the battery stops charging when it reaches 100% as if the charger was disconnected, without microcarp. The battery will begin to discharge at 100% until the charge...

fjaviergj by Rising Star II
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Mobile Manager bug and apps not being optimized !

This is the best feature on Asus smartphones and I have been experiencing issues with PowerMaster which doesn't autoswitch nor work manually when the battery drops to 10 or 15%. Please fix the issue. Moreover, I have just discovered that battery opti...

86R5J43OUUHE.jpg 7MICMG45ZU2N.jpg
Rangzen by Rising Star II
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Why there is soo green tint????

Just noticed its a daylight shot, proper daylight light, and when i click a picture wide angle, i get this weird green tint at the bottom! And when click from main camera nothing is there, both shot on auto mode, no 48mp mode used, no Gcam, Captured ...

Asus launcher need an upgrade

I think the asus luncher is not all lighter it feel heavy opening nd closing the apps.specially when you open apps from folders it feels laggy compared to one plus launcher it's so stable that one plus 6 performance buttery smooth.it doesn't matter y...

Time to improve portrait shots

Even while using the back cameras to the front to capture a pic in portrait mode the edge detection is still bad...it messes up almost everytimeWe can understand for other phones but zenfone 6 shouldn't have problem with the hardware..software needa ...

prashanth by Rising Star II
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How to fix a memory leak?

Apparently as per the forum I have an issue called memory leak in my device.How to fix this issue?Or is there no fix in the long run?

psn123 by Star II
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I have asus zenfone 6 How to connect Hotspot with other gadgets. I.e. Apple iPad.

Dharmik by Star I
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The latest update 137 is great

I don't understand those who are complaining, this update has fixed all the problems, battery cool, fast charging, performance great, applauding Asus

Share menu crashes on latest update

Hi,My share menu is crashing when attempting to share anything, this just started to happen recently and I'm not sure when or if the latest update has caused this.Is there anything I can do to fix this please? Sharing to apps is an essential for me.T...

Missing Texts & Calls Far More Often Than Originally Thought

Hi! So I have owned my Zenphone 6 since October and I've been missing texts AND calls basically non stop since then. Originally I thought it was because of airplane mode, poor signal, or no connection, but I was wrong. I have been missing nearly 30% ...