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Flashlight not working on the latest firmware

Noticed this today. My flashlight doesn't wanna stay turned on anymore. When I activate the flashlight either by the UI button or doublepressing the smart key the light comes on for a split second before turning off. The phone keeps thinking it's on ...

Wifi & Wifi Hotspot connectivity issue with Bluetooth ON

I am noticing since last update that if Bluetooth is on and connected / paired with a device ( in my case it's Bluetooth earphones) , the wifi connection : both wifi Hotspot as well as wifi facing issues in connecting to the wifi network. It takes to...

Android 9

Is possible to downgrade to android 9 because problem of battery sound phone hangs please reply sir

Charging process keeps cutting out / stopping

Hi all,My Zenfone 6 (bought in February) has this weird problem where it stops charging after a little while. I'm worried I'm not going to be able to charge fully in the near future.I installed the Ampere app (by Braintrapp) from the Play Store and i...

gerbenb by Star II
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Removing forced circles on icons on the ZenUI launcher

Hello! I strongly dislike how every icon is forced to be round/circled on the default pack.I kinda like how each app can set their own icon and display it as a square or a standalone icon and I'd like to keep it this way if possible.Unfortunately the...


Asus 6Z is heating after March 2020 update

My Asus 6z is heating constantly after the latest update, the cpu temperature is reaching up to 56°C to 61°C by simply using YouTube or opening chrome and when idle the CPU temperature is about 41°C to 45°C also my battery is draining much faster tha...

Poor update for bluetooth

After update bluetooth earpiece volume very low. Unable to listen to music or watch movies. Please fix it ASAP. Make it working.

How to show seconds in the clock

Hi! Is there a way to show seconds with clock in the status bar? If no, can be implemented in next updates? Is this impossible?Thank you very much! Regards

Marrior by Star I
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