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battery life is bad on my ZenFone 6 (2019)

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why my ZenFone 6 (2019) is draining battery so fast?. the standby battery time is very bad on this phone. I don't know if it hardware issue. I am on the latest EU Firmware v189.

Hello from France
It is not normal I use my z6 30 edition a lot and I have a very good battery process.
The battery is awesome.
Your situation is not normal.
Can you control virus or all you have because it is really not normal.

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J'ai perdu 4% en quelques minutes sans faire grand chose
Je l'ai charge a fond ce matin avant de partir et a nouveau a 21h... Je n'ai aucune application non approuvée seulement WhatsApp Spotify Facebook internet et les mails c'est très étrange

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C'est mon 3 ème téléphone Android j'ai toujours eu le même usage et pourtant mon téléphone sony de 2010 consomme beaucoup de moins de batterie avec un usage encore plus intensif (vidéos YouTube par exemple)

Comment puis je résoudre mon problème ?

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Sorry for my french guys ! Said bellow that I had to charge my ZenFone 6 limited edition twice today and already Lost 4% without doing anything
Btw i check if other app could be open but did not find anything
What should i do ?
My daily intensive use is :
8am fully charged
Between 9 and 11 mix of WhatsApp Facebook like 45min -1h and 10-30 min game like sims city
One hour of Spotify
And a bit Reading e-mails
4g no WiFi
Light 80%
Battery into"economy mode"
And around 1 pm i have most of the time 10% left

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Hi guys im from France also bought ZenFone 6 limited edition and After 4 hours using phone i have only 26% ... No App using battery detected

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Maybe the battery needs a little bit of calibration
You'd be fine after 2-3 charge cycles
Also do uodate it to the latest firmware