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Asus launcher crash

Rising Star II
After recent update asus launcher is crashing a lot

Star I
My asus launcher always say keep stopping, and when I close my open apps it will open again and try to close again,

Can you help me guys about my laucher, it happen when I'm update my phone, asus zenfon 6 is my unit

Rising Star I
Maybe clean your launcher app data and restart your phone but it will probably reset your pulpit icon/widgets setup so before that, you can try backup it by local backup option. 
Or if you are using another launcher you can just disable asus launcher by ADB. 
But if you update from 9 to 10 without format maybe just maybe you should think of it.

Star II
Hello, after I update to latest update, the Asus launcher crashes many times, I don't know what to do.
I clean the cache, I have formated the phone.
Don't resolve

Rising Star I
maybe you can do backup and reinstall the system by sd card same or if you wanna be sure some older version