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Asus does not care at all

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Inspite of reaching out on social media and here asus team just doesn't want accept the fact that the camera is messed up with no support for Google camera. The stock camera has gone from a flagship level to a mid range level but all asus cares about is organizing fan meets with Geeky Ranjit. I thought you guys gave a bunch of phones to Dev's to get custom rom support which never came out. Earlier atleast we were able to use the gcam now thanks to you guys that also doesn't work. I have paid for a premium device but thanks to you guys who are making it average day by day. Thank you for conning your users.

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@Anders_ASUS, @LP_ASUS and @CH_ASUS could you please reply to this thread.
Please do not post standard replies like 'We are not google camera team or we do not have that much of fund to spend on this,or we are good compare to other's." clearly that's not the case here not just a few of us here there are hell lot of people who have the same issues.
I would urge other's to post sample images showing what the actual issue is and I would be doing the same although if you need details you can go through the telegram group for Zenfone 6/6Z we have posted and discussed there N number of times since the update to Q.
Also for the gcam issues faced by the developers managing those apk i get it that you people do not have access or can't do anything about it but I believe phones were handed out to xda developer's for improving the app support and for custom rom development at least reach out to those people as they have blockers that are pending from your side (again got this from telegram group where the developers are there as well) as after Android Q update other phones do not have issues with gcam only our phones have got stuck at processing images.

Kudos to the team for bringing us Android Q as soon as possible but accept the fact that there are issues ( the notification panel has a gap between the clock and the message that we see from apps looks really weird,I am facing a lag when using finger print scanner to unlock did a hard reset but still definitely feels slower than it was on Pie,these are from my usage there are others with more I believe ).

I expect a positive response from you people and hope to see fixes in the upcoming updates.
We paid a premium price for a flagship phone please maintain that reputation of your's if you want your customer base to grow.

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@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS we thank you for bringing us android 10 but i have some contact I asus and what i am hearing is that due to the vendor issues you faced the camera has taken a hit. If this is true that just makes me think on the flip side did you guys test the stable build before rolling out android 10 to everyone.

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I see that manufacturers make changes to their camera api from time to time, but I don't see why the change was needed when upgrading from P to Q. The camera app looks identical in P to Q, nor has the quality / speed changed significantly. If you can just secretly roll back the change / explain why the change in camera api was necessary, it would paint a better image of ASUS in the customer's eyes as it means that ASUS is not intentionally changing the way camera works just to infuriate the customer's who would like GCam on their phones.

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And also, I am concerned about the security of all camera enthusiasts who stayed in Android P for keeping a working camera. It'll only ruin everyone's day if the news titled "ASUS phone hacked with spy program in China border control due to keeping older firmware for camera feature" eventually arrives in the future and people blame ASUS for the fault. It is never a great sign when you see people holding back updates, as it stands as a proof that the feature in older versions worth more than security.

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Does the second image 48mp cam worth its size 15mb, kidding me or what look at the spots over that book , oh god. The 12mp one is 3mb, that's ok i can agree. I don't know what new reasons the mod would give. There are many feeds on camera with no proper reply. Hope we get a solution for this flagship(??????) device.