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AOD feature request

Star III
Hi, I love this phone and I haven't had any issues with it after owning for over 2 months, and I do like ZenUi 6 a lot. But what I would like to be added to ZenUi 6 is an Always On Display mode when the screen is off. I know it's not an OLED and therefore it would draw more power but the battery life is already so good so for me it wouldn't really matter. Just a simple clock, alarm, weather and maybe some notifications at a glance would be really nice. And because it's an LCD I wouldn't worry so much about burn-in. Would appreciate a quick reply. Thanks!

Star III
Yes, and I do like that. But an always on display would also be nice.

Rising Star I
I think none of the smartphone manufacturers will be ready to implement AOD on an LCD. The primary reason is, as rightly said, battery drain. AOD in an LCD lights up the entire display as opposed to LED where only certain pixels are lit up. This will drain the battery heavily. Some users are okay with the increased battery consumption to get the feature of AOD in an LCD, but the phone makers would ideally not take that chance since it might become a negative publicity when multiple novice users turn on AOD on an LCD phone and complain about poor battery life in forums. In short, manufacturers are not ready even to provide an option to enable/disable AOD on a LCD phone.

Star III
My last phone (LG G6) had and AOD and that was an LCD display. And even though the entire display was technically active at all times the brightness was so low that the battery life was only affected a little. With the awesome 2 day battery of the ZenFone 6 I don't see battery drain as a big problem.

Community Legend II

As already mentioned ZenFone 6 uses an LCD IPS display with a backlight.
And even if some users may find an AOD implementation with "acceptable battery drain" - there are equally, if not more, users who would not.

We'll record the feedback however AOD in ZenFone 6 is not a feature we are currently thinking about adding.