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Air Server - wireless project the screen - cannnot connect or very very slow/ not responsive

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Anyone try to cast the phone screen to Air Server?
My Air Server version is 2.5.2
I have an iPhone 8 and OnePlus 5. Both can connect to my Air Server with no issue. But my Zenfone 6 basically just doesn't work. 

Anyone has any idea? Thank you very much



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Hi @Anders_ASUS, not sure if u might be able to help checking this as well....
I guess I am not the only one having this problem...

Indeed, beside the AirServer, I also tried to cast to my LG Smart TV, it didn't really work as well


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So your other devices can cast at the same time as your Zenfone 6 is unable to? I mean you're not comparing to devices that "have" worked, right? It might be a new network issue that prevents your Zenfone 6 from casting to your TV but then it should be the same for all your phones if you still have them.

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@Anders_ASUS. I did use an iPhone 8, and OnePlus 5 at the same time, on the same network.

The other two work, only the ZF6 was not working.

Thanks for asking for clarification. I should make it clear at the very beginning.

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I Too have the exact issue. My samsung can cast to LG tv in a second. But Zenfone 6 unable to connect at all. I used an infinix phone earlier. It had  the same issue. Very bad at Screen Mirroring are same. Pathetic
Software. Please upgrade
Also Tried it on Samung and Mi TVs. Same error