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6z camera is worse than 5z after updates(w/ proof)

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6z daylight.jpg
5z daylight .jpg
6z night mode scene 1.jpg
6z night mode scene 2.jpg
5z auto mode scene 1.jpg
5z auto mode scene 2.jpg
5z auto scene 3.jpg
5z auto scene 4.jpg
6z night mode scene 3.jpg
6z night mode scene 4.jpg
@Anders_ASUS hey
There has been a lot of complaints about camera performance lately and gcam is also not supported right now , worst of them all stock camera performance has reduced with updates!! If lot of people are complaining about cameras at the same time , there must be a reason right?
I'm an ex-5z user and upgraded to 6z hoping for better results , but its worse...
I know that asus is not google and comparing with google is unfair , you yourself had told us that . But what about comparing with your own phones? I compared to last year's zenfone 5z with the 6z and results aren't even comparable in lowlight , even in daylight 5z seems to have better colors and exposure control...
Don't trust me? I've attached documents of different conditions..
Lowlight comparisons were done with night mode in 6z and auto mode in 5z , i used night mode in 6z since it doesn't have ois and 5z might get an unfair advantage... But night mode is supposed to compensate for ois right? U guys yourself have told that in an old post..
See the results for yourself.. comparison done with your own previous year phone and not with any expensive flagship or pixel , for reference 5z is selling for half the price of 6z now for 128gb variant..
See the attached docs and do the needful , dont vanish on me 😛

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@Anders_ASUS u gotta see it

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I have been saying this along I have bought asus rog 2 512 thats not some value for money its 900 USD phone. Expecting a good quality is not at all out of realm !! I hope asus takes this into account and improves the camera algorithms

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Come on Asus, this phone has some many things done right, but your main selling point is downgraded so much that just doens't make sense.

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Yup... Camera performance has been degraded now.