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Google Phone compatibility

Some of us are used to a Google phone from a previous devices. I used it on Nexus 5X and Xiaomi Mi A1. Would it be possible for Asus to ensure compatibility with this application?https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.dialer...

_jis_ by Zen Master III
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Flip camera comes out side

When u shake asus 6z mobile for 10 to 15 times flip camera comes out , Howerver it goes back , Asus you should have put a strong magintude power to attach camera to back it self , And while opening front camera power shall be lost However i am thinki...

Battery drain

Hi @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS Why battery is draining so fast, you see my screen shot For Screen usage battery drain is 16% While for others it is acceptable Suggest me good to use battery


No additional options after long press

When i long press an app no options are showing up like,edit or uninstall etc..it just takes as though i did a single tap and opens up the app And also not able to open app preferences cause its gestue is also based on long presses in home screen2019...

prashanth by Rising Star II
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Asus 6z Standcase

Hi,Where to buy official Asus 6z Standcase in bangalore

Feature request: Mobile Manager - Battery Care charge limiter

I've noticed that the Battery Care module in Mobile Manager works as a sort of "battery limiter". It will let the phone charge normally up to about 80%, then wait until the end time gets near before continuing to charge. My feature request is a gener...

Asus does not care at all

Inspite of reaching out on social media and here asus team just doesn't want accept the fact that the camera is messed up with no support for Google camera. The stock camera has gone from a flagship level to a mid range level but all asus cares about...

Resolved! Super Clean Mode in Mobile Manager?

What exactly does this do? Any real noticable benefit from using this?Any pros/cons to using this vs not using it

sedl23 by Rising Star II
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ZenFone 6 Timezone Brazil

Even if you do not want to use the time zone and manual time, the phone changes by itself. Please resolve this.


Double tap to turn off display

Ok, I will admit this is picky and maybe it is just me. I often have to try 2-4 times double tapping on the status bar to get the screen to turn off. It often will activate the notification shade to drop down on the first tap and then the second tap ...