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When charging mobile getting very hot

Star I
Hello I have a Asus 5z when m charge this is getting very hot like fire n charger also. Battery draining very fast n not fast charge. Help me what can I do ? Sometimes I think it,s worst of money .


Rising Star II
Yes.... Same with me.... Temp rises too much in only half an hour of charging.

Zen Master I
Hi npuri183,
Please make sure to update to the latest firmware version WW-
Are you using the original charger?
Have you tried with different chargers and cables?
Thank you.

Rising Star II
Yes..... I am on the latest version i.e. WW- and yes, also i am using the original charger and cable. Also this not to be in relation with any different charger as it is a device problem . But rest, yes with different charger also the device gets to hot in half hour charging only.
Please rectify this problem.

Rising Star I
It will get hot to some extent due to Quick Charge until it reaches 80% . After that it should be normal .Its better to notice temperature with back case removed .