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I have a zendone 5 lite, with the last update od the sofware my radio doesn't work and so the Bluetooth when I want to hear music on the speaker can you help please. thanks

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jmkulbeth posted on 2019/8/7 04:34 I wonder if there's a conflict between apps. I started the FM radio (headphones connected) and as u ...
Hi jmkulbeth, Thanks for your information. Please check your PM for a message I have sent you. Thank you 🙂

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felipemspindler posted on 2019/8/7 10:25 Aconteceu exatamente a mesma coisa comigo! Há um conflito entre o microfone de comandos do Google e ...
Hi felipemspindler, To avoid any possible misunderstanding, we would suggest you describe your inquiry in English. Thank you for your help. 🙂

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Last edited by graybison on 2019/8/16 00:08 Identical problem with Zenfone 5Q (5 Lite): Upgraded via OTA download from Asus from Android 7 (Nougat) to Android 9.0 (Pie). Then FM Radio stopped working. However, if the phone is rebooted in Safe Mode, then the FM Radio does work. So I agree, this is an app causing a software conflict. Unfortunately, I have been unable to determine which app is the problem. Yes, this occurs with the stock Asus supplied headphone and any other headphone. Easy work-around for me is to activate the screen saver (depress power button briefly), which activates audio, then speaker/headphone both work with radio until quiting from FM Radio. If starting the FM Radio again, must do the screen saver activation again for there to be FM Radio audio. This issue is reproduceable.

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por que mi zenfone 5 lite no tiene ni siquiera la aplicacion de radio fm ... esta actualizado a la ultima version