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Star I
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I have a zendone 5 lite, with the last update od the sofware my radio doesn't work and so the Bluetooth when I want to hear music on the speaker can you help please. thanks

Zen Master I
Hi tborbon, Do you have the wired earphones plugged in when you are trying to listen to the radio? Please make sure you have the wired earphones plugged in to allow it to be used as the radio's antenna. If the problem still appears, please tell me how you performed the steps, and how the error occurs. Thank you 🙂

Star I
I upgraded to Android 9 and my FM radio doesn't work either.  I did discover, however, if you press and hold the headset Play/Pause button for several seconds while the radio app is open, audio will return.  You may have to do this twice.   The problem seems to be audio related because the FM tuner will scan and locate stations, but with no sound.  Holding the headset Play/Pause button for a few seconds solved the problem for me. That said, it's just a work-around for the problem.   I've tried this with the ASUS-provided headset and another non-ASUS headset and this trick worked for both.  Hopefully a future software or OS update will fix this. See if that helps.

Star I
I wonder if there's a conflict between apps. I started the FM radio (headphones connected) and as usual there was no sound. On a whim I opened my Amazon Alexa app, tapped the button to wake up Alexa for voice commands, and the FM Radio audio started playing. I believe that's why a long press on the headset Play/Pause button starts the Radio audio: it activates Alexa's voice recognition.

Aconteceu exatamente a mesma coisa comigo! Há um conflito entre o microfone de comandos do Google e a rádio. Se abrir o app da rádio, abrir após o Google assistente e fechar, a rádio funciona