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Connection Issues - No Service and No Wifi

Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: PPR1.180610.009WW
Frequency of Occurrence: This is the second time it happens
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Hi, For the past few weeks, my ASUS ZENFONE 5Z has been disconnecting from my mobile network and it is impossible for me to find it again. I have tried using other sim cards, restarting, checking the SIM CARD status, going on airplane mode and back and nothing has happened. On top of that, I am also unable to connect to my perfectly working wifi networks (I have tested them and my laptop connects to them just fine). The first time it happened, signal came back a few hours later but it is now the second time I am faced with this issue and since I work from my phone it has become a very big hindrance and risk. What can be done to solve this issue?

Zen Master I
Hi c.forattiniigreja, Have you updated to the latest firmware version WW- Is the SIM card working in other phones? Is the mobile network always disconnected, or sometimes disconnects? For WiFi, we would suggest that you try forgetting the previous connected WiFi and try connecting them again: Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi > Tap on the WiFi > Forget. Please also try connecting to different WiFi routers. Please also refer to more troubleshooting steps on this problem: Thank you 🙂

YEs my firmware was up to date, and yes the SIM CARD worked normally on other phones. It has disconnected twice now, at least, and for several hours at a time (with no sign of fluctuation in between) which is an enormous hindrance in my line of work. And for the wifi, the networks available did not even appear so it was impossible to try and "forget them". I did reset my networks to try and fix this, but it remained unchanged. I have already gone through those troubleshooting steps either way.

Zen Master I
c.forattiniigreja posted on 2019/12/11 00:01 YEs my firmware was up to date, and yes the SIM CARD worked normally on other phones. It has discon ...
Hi c.forattiniigreja, Please check your PM for a message I have sent you. Thank you 🙂

Star I

I am facing the same problem. After some fluctuations, now the sim is not detected and the wifi not switching on. I tried resetting and downgrading but of no use. How to resolve?