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Battery drains very quick after android 10 update

Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 10 latest
Frequency of Occurrence: Daily
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Since the android 10 upgrade my battery drains very quick, screen takes 20% and network around 15%. Battery life is reduced with around 40%. Also phonecalls are not really stable a lot of disconnections. I have the latest update, Second update of Android 10 didn't improve battery life. Could you help? Regards wim

Zen Master I
Hi wimlammerschaag, Do you feel like battery drains while using the phone or in stand by without using it? If you feel like the battery drains during using specific apps, we would suggest you test how much the app drains after using it for a certain time. We would suggest you clear the background apps, and check how much battery is consumed from 100% after using the app for a certain time (e.g. 30 mins or 1 hour.) Please show me a screenshot of the battery usage after testing. Settings > Battery > Three dots on top right > Battery usage. If there are battery drain issues in sleep mode, in order for us to verify, please kindly follow the steps below and show us the screenshots. 1) Charge the phone to 100% before going to bed > remove the charger > Clear all apps in recent app list > turn off screen > the next morning before using the phone, please screenshot the two pages: a) Settings > Battery b) Settings > Battery > ""Advanced battery usage"" (tap the battery icon to access) Thank you 🙂

Community Legend II
Jei_ASUS posted on 2020/3/18 13:48 Hi wimlammerschaag, Do you feel like battery drains while using the phone or in stand by without us ...
1)Battery drain is worst with this new update .46 during gaming i get SOT only for 2hrs 5 min and without gaming day to day use SOT IS only 4hrs 20 min 2) charging is too much slow during gaming or sometimes stuck at certain number also sometimes degraded during on charge n gaming simultaniously while m sure it is not recommended to use phone on charge but this was never issue before 3) During gaming pubg multi touch is having some issues alredy tested with several apps also facing stutters n jitters in game on BALANCED OR HD OR HDR set to low,high,ultra frame rates 😔 always need to play with very basic graphics smooth n frame rate extreme for smoother gameplay despite of snapdragon 845 n GPU qualcom adreno 630 flagship is struggling to perform :@ :L

I've been having the same issues with Charging and battery drain ever since the Android 10 update. Please release a new update to fix the battery consumption and power charging please.