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Apps keep crashing after PIE Update it's pure garbage?!

Star I
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: N/A
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: Yes
APP Name:

I'm very let down the lack of communication and respect for your customers is down right sinister!!y Zenfone 5Q I just updated to the all powerful golden boy Android PIE and it's seems like you guys don't even care that 70 percent of the things on the phone no longer work !! Flashlight !! ( Which worked when I got phone ) no longer works snap chat no longer works!!!! Instagram no longer works !!!! Some games even FB crashes sometimes this is getting so far gone now I'm considering setting this phone on fire BC since day one you guys have been nothing but BS !! The phone had false box advertising!! Stating it came with 8.0 !! But it never did !! Also was supposed to come with head phones NEVER DID it's just been one lie after another maybe you guys should get out of the phone business!! BC honest you are not at the same level of customer service as other phone companies!!

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I Agreed 🤬🤬🤬 cheap development of asus.. and cheap developers of asus who makes the worest Android UI 

Zen Master I
Hi mcdonalda21, We are sorry to hear about this unpleasant experience. For flashlight no longer works, we would suggest you check with your local service center about this For Snapchat & Instagram no longer works, we're afraid we are not seeing the same situation on our device here. We would suggest you reinstall these apps and make sure you update to the latest versions. If the problem still appears, please tell me how the problem appears. Some games even FB crashes > Could you try reinstalling or clearing cache& data of the apps that have these problems? If the problem still appears, please tell me the app name and version. Thank you.

Star I
Lol haha best response ever the error is in the camera , I'm trying myself to update the Pixel master camera but your OS locks it all so only you guys can release an update when you see fit!!! Which is kinda bs BC my camera app barely even opens now!! And it's funny BC other phones are all ready updating to higher versions of PixelMaster ..... So why can't we ? And yes the problem happened to other android smartphones that jumped into pie right away GOOGLE IT, or do you want me to do that for you too .....