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.92 update released for 5z

Rising Star II
Anyone got the newly released .92 update on their Asus Zenfone 5z. If so can anyone please confirm whether anything including,
1) Wifi Calling
2) AR Core
3) Any screen touch issue fixes have been implemented?
If not, what is the plan mods?
If we just gotta buy a new device to have the very basic feature set then might as well tell us now. Thanks!

Rising Star II

Try to download the new firmware, but the file has only 132MB, but the text says 1.7GB. Anybody have the same problem?

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@agon1982 Please don't try the 132 mb that's also on xda. Its not the full firmware. You may try the FOTA link. The 22mb one.

Community Legend II

When is prime hd support coming? Everytime I get the same reply that it will come in the next update. Whats the use of full hd screen when you cannot play movies in hd and you call this a flagship phone. @Titan_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @ @chaithanya.gchaithanya.g

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Who replied you that prime hd will come in next update?
Prime hd totally depends on amazon to provide full support for 5z asus can do nothing than always requesting them and they alredy tried that several times and they are still in talks with them
So Really cant say anything weather 5z will get support it may or may not keep your fingers crossed 🤞

Star I