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Zenfone 4 ZE554KL - Specifications Mistake? Typo?

Star I
Hi there.
Bought today this smartphone, new, never used. I suppose it's a old stock and for that reason It's cheap. I will receive it next Monday (I hope...).
I saw in the specifications it support Cat 12 Upload (150Mbps) / Cat 13 Download (600Mbps). It's the main reason I bought this phone, data speed, I don't need big screens, High quality cameras or play with the phone, it's just for work.
After some search on internet, I found a 4G Categories Table, not sure if that table applies to World Wide or for Europe only (I'm in Spain). I get surprised when I found a mistake (typo?) in the Specifications on Asus support site.
4G Categories Table say Cat 12 Upload is 102.0 Mbps, and Cat 13 Download is 391.6 Mbps (far away from specs), while Cat 12 DL is 603.0 and Cat 13 UL is 150.8 (match the specs)
Looks like Asus has changed the order of the Cat numbers, but I'm not sure...
So, where the mistake is, Cat number or speed ? If the phone can reach the speed stated in the specifications then it's OK for me, if not I will return the phone back and ask a refund.