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I removed my damaged power button but I still didnt fix it

So Ive been having a problem which is my phone suddenly powerd OFF and imediately powerd ON. It stayed in a bootloop until it ran out of battery. I gave it up for some time but when I remembered it I tried something: With an x-act I tried to pull the button out. after some time I got to pop it a little bit out and it turned on! Worked for 2 or 3 days but suddenly, last night my phone woke me with its vibration. It was charging and entered the same loop. It still is like that but now the difference is that with my x-act I removed the button, popped it out (unintentionally). Now I have no button, so the problem isnt that it is always pressed. With a flash light I tried to look inside the circuit to see if anything is jamming the button or touching any metal, I didnt see anything. I have hope it will work, because it worked once with this problem...
Any help will be appreciated, I cant go out and get a new phone, I have no money for that and even more Im in quarantine.. I really need it to work! Please help!!

Edit: I dont need to fix the button I just need that it doesnt get pressed. I can turn it on through adb and lock/unlock with shake app!

Zen Master I
Hi RodrigoMartinezz,
According to what you have described, we would advise that you have the unit sent in for an assessment and servicing where necessary.
The link below will help in finding your local service center: