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Phone overheating

ZF Model: ZB553KL
Firmware/APP Version: OPM 1171019011 WW Phone-15.0400.1910.518-0
Frequency of Occurrence: 0
Rooted: No
APP Name: No

My phone is overheating very fastly every now and then. Within 10 mins of usage it temprature rises too much that you cannot put the phone on your ear. I am not even using the large apps or games,and I am having very very few apps in my phone with no games no facebook or Instagram or tiktok nothing heavy at all location, bluetooth,wifi,hotspot remains closed most of the time. If I watch a 10 minute video or chat for 15 minutes on WhatsApp then also it starts heating too much. And yes to be precise..... My battery part is not heating. The portion near the camera ,the cpu heats. And the problem has incsreased this much that I cannot talk to anyone by putting Phone on my ear because it fells like it would burn my ear. And in the time I am writing tis the Phone is feeling like sun.