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Any thought about Zenfone 11 Ultra?

Star I

I just watched Asus zenfone 11 ultra launch, no small variation this time
and most suprising thing is the price lol... starting from EUR999 with 256GB storage.. 


Rising Star I

I bought my Zenfone 11 Ultra in March and have been using it extensively since then. So far the performance has been excellent. No problem with G5 connectivity (two SIMs), battery performance is simply amazing, camera performance is also good. No problems with software updates so far, two major updates received and installed without any problems. No pre-installed bloatware from Asus, basically a pure Android,  so the processor performance and memory usage are optimised. 

Star II

The only thing I am missing is eSIM support. You would think that this would be standard for a phone released in 2024. 


It is the only thing missing.

The software is amazing with no bloatware, good accu performance and the speed is already good on dynamic mode (with factory settings).