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Vertical line and green tint

Star I

Vertical dark line at the centre of the screen can be seen on the settings screen. There is also a visible light greenish tint visible without the use of filters and night mode.






Hey @BIZKIT551,


I can't seem to notice the dark line and green tint, however, could you please provide the following information:


  1. Does the dark line and greenish tint appears on these screenshot you provided?
  2. If  the screenshot doesn't show the issue, can you provide the photo shot by another phone?
  3. Where do you generally see the green tint in the photo, at the upper/bottom, left and right side of the screen? 
  4. Based on the screenshot, the brightness level is 16%, it is low, does the dark line and green tint only appear when using a low brightness level?
  5. Under what kind of environment did you see this issue, in a dark room? or in a bright environment?
  6.  Does the issue only appear on a specific page, for example, only appear in settings page?
  7. Could you also share the FW version you are currently using?