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Wifi low speed

Star II

Hi, I have issues with WiFi on my new Zenfone 10. First connect after turn on WiFi on the phone is always working properly. I am not turning off WiFi. Next day i can feel very slow web page loading and unusable video streaming. Speedtest result at this point is about 50ms latence, 1 - 5 Mb/s download and upload. On my old Zenfone 5z all works good and there is full speed at same time and place. Another devices can get full speed too. After turn off/on WiFi is everythink ok.

- WiFi AP is Ubiquiti Unifi AC Lite

- Any device is not overloading the network

- Signal is full, I am in a free space with Wifi-AP and there are not any obstacle between AP and client

- This problem is from first next day after unbox new phone and every time is problem solved for 1 day after turn off/on so next day is the same issue here again


I can check my WiFi AP firmware and settings, but I never had problems with this so I think that the problem is in Zenfone 10 and some other people can have the same isuue. 


Star II

Yes I hope this problem get fixed very soon. As far as I can tell, only 2.4GHz is affected by the problem. At 5GHz, everything works most of the time.

You're right, it is always on 2.4GHz. I had the same problem on another networks and everytime was slow on 2.4GHz., rate 144Mb/s, but real speed was unusable.