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The problem with the Zenfone 10 camera...

Star I

I have some really mixed feelings about the camera on the Zenfone 10. I recently took the phone on my trip and I love to take pictures as memories. So I considered this as the first true test for the Zenfone 10 camera.

Let's start by saying that - yes - in general the camera is good.

But the two main issues are

  1. The finder does not reflect at all the final picture quality

  2. The camera is not reliable in all lighting situations wrt. HDR and exposure. In particular the pictures can sometimes be really overexposed or then the camera misses the colors of some lighter details in darker lit places.

This is in stark contrast to the iPhone Pros and Pixels of the world. With them you can be sure that you get pictures that match the environment in all lightning conditions. And also you get what you see on the picture finder.

I took a few hundred pictures on my trip and most of them turned out either "really well" or "ok enough". BUT there are for sure pictures that are completely ruined just because the colors and exposure are all over the place. It's really shame.


Star III

I 100% agree, the one positive is those issue could be resolved via updates. Here's to hoping that those get fixed or improved over time. 

Star III

The camera took like 1/4 sec to actually take the picture after I pressed the button, so I usually need to retake the photo or "photo may be blurry due to camera shake" thing occurs. I would like to see the capture speed improved.

Star III

I also experience the problems described here. As for shutter speed, since camera HDR update (I think it was in the update before the latest), looks to be a little bit better but not yet how it should be.
Colors and lighting are indeed problematic sometimes. It can help (in some specific situations only) to disable "Smart scène optimization", which really is a rubbish feature.

I can only agree with the others here, Asus please solve these problems with updates. Most of us want to take realistic photos without extreme fake colors and without having to wait or keep the phone still for seconds to let the processor produce these fake photos. My old phones (6-10 years old) take instant photo's (although with less detail/resolution/dynamic range/...) that were at least realistic...