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Still NO ASUS "Unlock Device App"??

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As a long-term customer of Asus devices, I am honestly baffled by the fact that Asus simply cut the possibility of unlocking the bootloader for (not only) the Asus Zenfone 9.

I consider this a major setback for myself as I fully intended to take advantage of unlocking the bootloader of my device to be able to fully utilize its capabilities via third-party code. I am well aware that such actions are not recommended by unauthorized personnel. However, simply cutting this possibility is a sad thing to do.

I will continue watching this situation closely. However, I will strongly re-evaluate my loyalty to this brand as I do not understand these actions, and the communication has been poor, let alone the action itself, which is mind-boggling, to say the least. I would expect such behavior from a low-level Chinese brand, not from Asus. Like I said, the future will tell how you decide to handle this mess in the end, but the signs are not looking good.

It has been months now since we have not been able to unlock our bootloaders. No explanation, no communication, only a vague "Q3 maybe" from a moderator. Appalling, really.


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IDK Really asus care about thier castumers or NOT but This thing and agnoring peoples needs will cause alot of lose of money in the future and also ASUS will lose alot of developers.



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All companies that lock the bootloader on their phones, put them in a blacklist

Not just a black list delete their name from ur entire brain. And don't waste ur time trying unlock to them just put them in threshold and u will be fine.

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Everyone is waiting to see if they CAN actually produce the app. The text I've read from moderators is that it's built but awaiting security and compliance testing. The question is, compliance with what? Pegasus spyware? This is truly disheartening. I get if they're struggling to create the code (though it didn't seem that complex as they has one before), but at the very, very least, communicate with your customers about what the hold up is. Then they can honestly assess whether to continue to support your products and brand.

Ironically, not only is there not a bootloader unlock option, but all the firmware (ALL) disappeared from the Zenfone 8 page. So basically you're stuck with whatever you were at. Not to mention, the Zenfone 7 just got an updated firmware version on 10.18.2023. Honestly what the heck is going on over there? Without any actual information (just copy pasta  from corporate/pr) all we can do is speculate and get frustrated.