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zenfone 10 available colors

I have been checking the zenfone 10 page everyday for the last few weeks. I wanted to order the 16GB variant in red. I thought it was strange that no colors were offered other than black and green. I started a chat with support to get more informatio...

Status of Auto-Refresh and Wifi-issues?

Is there any new status about these 2 major bugs?1) Auto-referesh doesn't work properly, it never goes over 90hz and its even at 60hz in many apps.2) Issue with Wifi-download speed, at times it works fine, other times it doesn't.

Xenda by Star III
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Private DNS works only on wifi

On latest version of Android 13. Configured Settings -> Internet -> Private DNS, it does work correctly on WiFi, does not work on mobile data. Already reconfigured network settings without luck. What can I do?

Zenfone 10

How can I purchase Zenfone 10 in India. 

Partaha by Star I
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High refresh rate and multi-monitor support

I plan on using a cloud workstation via Parasec software running on Android.Does the USB-C video output support multi-monitor and high refresh rates (144hz)?

BY9K30 by Star I
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Unable to hear outgoing calls on speaker while they are ringing

Hello,I am unable to hear outgoing calls on speaker while they are ringing but once the calls is answered I can hear the other person when I activate the speaker.This is happening for WhatsApp audio and video calls and also on Instagram calls.Please ...

Always-on Panel is showing silenced notification icons

Asus Zenfone 10, Android 13, build WW_33.0220.0220.43.The Always-on Panel is showing icons from silenced notifications. These notifications are not visible on the lock screen and their icons are not visible on the notification bar at the top.I think ...

Skwara by Star III
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battery cover

my battery cover camera glass is broken. (upper camera)Are zenfone 9 and 10 compatible as I can´t find a spare part to replace the glass

ckol by Star I
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Is Asus zenfone 10 coming to India?

I have been following Asus & Asus India on Twitter and see quite a few tweets asking the same question, but no answer yet. Hoping they launch it soon as 10z. if so what would be price?