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Slippery Zenfone 10

Star I

Hi all,

I like using my Zenphone without a case. I think it gets to bulky with one on.

Bit think the sides a very slippery. Is there anything to do about this?

I tried some skins from ULTRA skins, but it was like the skins where to small, and the skin could not reach around the buttons and the speakerholes etc.


Rising Star II

I have the same issue with ZF 8. It is a gorgeous phone and sleek and I wish to use it without case. But it is just too **bleep** (LOL they bleeped out  hahahaha) slippery. I wish they textured the back or the sides. I ended up fearing the worst and buying a rhinoshield case. It does make it bulky but I always think now better to be bulky and survive a fall than sleek and in pieces. Best of luck, hope you find a good compromise. For other devices I've used Spigen cases with success in the past. I doubt there are ZF10 cases though...