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Skip music when screen is off and locked

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I am searching for a solution to skip tracks when the screen is off besides the inbuilt screen gestures, which are quite impractical, when the phone is in my pocket. I have tried the Volumee app and macro apps like MacroDroid and Automate, where the latter are a bit hard to use and I also can't get to work when the screen is off or locked. Is there some integrated solution that I'm just missing or another app that doesn't need hours of setup? I'm coming from a Samsung Note 20 Ultra and before that a Lineage OS Xiaomi phone which both had this as a feature from the beginning. I hardly can't belive that this is not a standard feature nowadays.


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I think you can use the smart key swipe gesture? 🤔 But I'm not sure if that works when the screen is off


Hey @kojagi3,
Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded it to the R&D department.

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Volumee works. Problem is, I don't feel comfortable giving suck powerful permissions to such a  simple feature. An ASUS feature would be great.