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Is a switch from iPhone 13 Pro to Zenfone 10 worth it?

Star I

I switched from Samsung Galaxy S9 to iPhone 12 mini in 2020, then to the iPhone 13 Pro because of the battery. Now I am considering going back to Android because quite frankly, I am fed up with the bugs iOS has. Right now as I am typing this the standard iOS keyboard is so slow, I can see the keys being typed in after i actually touched the screen. Apple manages to **** up their software with every major update, making it worse every time. I heard the camera of the zenfone is bad, but how bad is it really compared to iPhones? How is the software? I know android can have bugs too, but the last time I used stock android is probably 10 years ago. Maybe someone else also made a switch and could share their experience?


Rising Star I

dont buy a Zenfone 10 the support is very bad and slow  support (security patch........)

i would recommend a Pixel 8!!!! (custom rom support )

i know lot of people who sell her Zenfone 10 ........


Star III

ditching Apple's predatory money grab practices is definitely worth it