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Proximity sensor disables during call

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Asus Zenfone 10, Android 13, build WW_33.0220.0220.52.

I have an issue, where the proximity sensor stops working during a call in specific intervals (around 1 minute). When I answer a call and put the phone close to my ear, the screen gets disabled, but after a minute of holding the phone steady, close to my ear (I know the sensor is a little to the side of the speaker), the screen gets activated. Then I need to move the phone away and back, and the proximity sensor works again for around 1 minute and the problem comes back.

I tested the proximity sensor, and during the test it never showed any symptoms mentioned above. The issue seems to occur only during calls.

Using different call screens and phone apps doesn't help.

A similar issue has been reported a long time ago, but it might be a little different case than mine:


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@PK1100LT According to your description from the link, you don't have the same problem. You say that your screen stays active when you bring it close to the ear, when in my description the screen becomes active in specific intervals. It's not the same. Your issue sounds like a proximity sensor issue (you should do a sensor test), where here we are dealing with a probable software issue.

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Nope exactly the same problem yours is just a better description


Ok, I understand. I believe a replacement won't fix it as it seems to be a software issue, but please, keep us informed about your developments, whether Asus managed to deliver you a working device, that would confirm a hardware issue. Thank you for your input.

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@erkapiter I would refrain from expressing anger, this won't help us. I am sure Asus is not "mocking us" because it's not a person, it's a company with limited resources that cannot fix everything immediately. Providing logs, videos or any additional materials to the issue helps greatly. Remember, that at the end, the devs are much more likely to fix an issue they can work with, because they have logs or a video illustrating it without a doubt, than the issue they know nothing about and is very hard to reproduce (I have this issue on a daily basis but I still struggle to capture it on video).

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This problem is hardware/software related. I've seen this since Zenfone 8.

Personally I've had two Zenfone 9 with 8GB and 16GB ram and now Zenfone 10 (sold already) All 3 phones have same problem with proximity sensor during calls. Randomly switching on and off. Only temp solution was take call and press power to turn the screen off and talk. On top of that the light sensor is not smooth, especially in bright outdoor condition. It's going up to max brightness and than dropping a bit leaving my screen too dim. Lovely phones but so simple tasks ruined by hard/software faults. 

Asus only asking for logs and this is where helps ends. I gave up

Bought s23 instead