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Navigation buttons too small - Zenfone 10

Star II

Just received Zenfone 10 - near-perfect phone, love it. ASUS picking up Samsung's slack.

Just a small niggle - as others have said about previous models, the navigation buttons are very small at the bottom of the screen - the hit box could do with expanding upwards by a couple of mm, that way I won't keep having to press a few times to get it!


Star III

I told them this about z8 ze navi buttons are too small but nobody did nothing about it, we need to press them few times to activate. Its a tradition here so please dont expect anything.

Star II

I thought it was just me, or that I had a minor touch screen issue.

But indeed, the hitbox could be a tiny bit bigger. Or customizable. 

Star III

May I suggest giving guesture navigation a chance? Takes a bit of training new muscle memory. I switched when it got introduced with Android 12 and after a few days I got used to it and never looked back.

You may not suggest that 😤😂