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Zenfone vibrating with aftermarket case

Star I

I got an AliExpress case with the typical rubber plastic case glued to a flip case (where I can put all my ID/credit cards and some bills and the magical emerngcy balloon).

But when I hold the phone, I guess there is pressure somewhere around it, and the phone makes a vibrating signal. Not just continuous, but like if it was doing one action (let's say activating the flash or something), but sometimes if I hold it too tight, it will so a few of those.

With the included case from the box, it doesn't do that, perhaps because it's not touching all sides.


I used the double back tap to take screenshot, but it wasn't reliable with a case (not even the included one), and I could just do the three finger screenshot, so I disabled that, so that can't be.

Whay other feature could be causing this problem? 


Star I

Anyone? This is something serious, on the edge of returning the phone. I have other issues as well, coming from a MIUI phone that honestly still works and just needs a reset.

Someone help me identify this issue and fix it before I return it.