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Is the zenfone 10 12GB RAM worth it?

Star I

I thinking about upgrading my S21 to a zenfone 10.

But is it worth spending the extra money getting the 12 GB RAM version over the 8GB?

I'm not a heavy mobile gamer or anything, although i am a pretty heavy user (SOME, podcasts, youtube etc.).

Will the extra RAM have any impact on the battery life?


Not applicable

No man, 8GB is ok. 

Rising Star I

My Zenfone 10 on idle is currently using 6.2GGB RAM. I think the extra breathing room of 16GB for me is worth it because this means apps are closing less and are thus quicker to switch back to.

In the UK the options currently with launch discount are £699.99 for 8GB / 256 GB storage option (normally £749.99),  or 16GB / 512GB Storage for £749.99 (normally £819.99). I think for £50 double the RAM and double the storage was worth it for me personally. Your needs may of course vary.

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