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AOD not respecting focus mode while showing notification icons

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Asus Zenfone 10, Android 13, build WW_34.1004.0204.128

When I activate the Android's focus mode, notification icons for apps included in the focus mode are still visible on the AOD. They are not visible when the phone is unlocked in the top notification bar. I think the correct behavior should be that they are also hidden on the AOD.

I'm not sure if it's worth something, but from my experience I can see, that the AOD is implemented in a way that bypassed default android notification handling. I get it from the fact that in the past it also had an issue with displaying silenced notifications and a switch was added for it. It seems that this is a similar case.

There was a thread about the issue, but it doesn't address the problem. I think a screenshot is not necessary (or rather a picture, because I don't know if taking a screenshot of the AOD is possible). The picture would just show the AOD with the notification icons that should not be there.



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@Mansi_ASUS I would like to kindly ask if this issue was recorded as a bug and planned to be fixed, or rejected as an intended behavior.

I would also like to add, that I observed an issue connected to this: when in focus mode, the screen still wakes up, even when receiving the notification from an app under the focus mode. The result is that the screen wakes up with nothing because the notification is hidden by the focus mode. It's icon is still visible on the AOD though, which is the original issue.