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Instagram Rear-Facing Camera Bug

Star II

I'm experiencing an issue where I'm not able to take (or send) photos taken with the Instagram app using the rear-facing camera.

When attempting to take a photo, the app completely freezes, if I repeatedly click the "x" as to cancel the operation it returns to normal.

Taking photos with the selfie camera works without issue.

Taking photos with the rear-facing camera while applying a filter also works! It seems the issue is exclusive to non-filtered images.

The rear-facing camera has no issues in other apps like SnapChat or the regular Camera app.

I have tried updating my phone and reinstalling the Instagram app, clearing the cache etc. to no avail.

I'm on build number WW_33.0220.0220.101, Android 13.

I will attach two screenshots here. The first one is a screenshot of me having pressed the "capture" button and essentially nothing changes, the screen completely freezes until I;
a) Repeatedly press the "x" button.
b) Exit the Instagram App.


The second screenshot is a successfully captured picture, this only works if I;
a) Apply a filter to be used during capture (does not seem to matter which filter I pick)
b) Use the front-facing (selfie) camera.




Star I

Same here, freeze IG story