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In-call volume to high

Star I

Model Name: ZenFone 10
Firmware Version: WW_33.0220.0220.52
Rooted or not: not
Frequency of Occurrence: Allways

Volume is too high.
When I call or receive calls, the volume is way too high and you can't turn down the volume.

The telenon is new and the problem has been there from the start. I've tried rebooting (factory reset) without success.

Anyone else who has this problem?

I've been through all the menu items and am confident I won't overlook anything. I can turn the volume up and down when listening to podcasts.


Fandt du en løsning på det

Star I

Same issue here.. 

Reset to factory and updating does not help.

It happens on both ingoing and outgoing call. Sometimes after a while during a long call it jumps down in volume only to jump back to high after a few secs.. it sounds like the phone is on speaker all the time. Putting it on speaker only makes it slightly higher in volume.. 

It's so annoying everyone in the same room can hear every word of the call beside having my ear blown off.

also Danish btw.

Bought the phone from Proshop a month ago. 

Unfortunately not. 

My issue changed from 'normal sound + high sound' to 'normal sound + no sound' after one of the earlier updates.

I have a non confirmed idea that it improved and became rarer with the 101 update