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Button with label "See in chat" does nothing in the messages app

Star I

Screenshot (24 Mar 2024 9_05_18 am).jpg

I want to be able to use the messages app without damages and without painful confusion but basic functionality is not there. For example, there is no simple way to go to the beginning, there is no simple way to export a chat and I can't even press the button labeled "See in chat" for an image or a video. So it becomes impossible to manage the chat history, even though it is a very basic feature. I can only assume it was done on purpose to make it more expensive for the customer e.g. searching for support and pay for a solution to the problem that the company sold to me. 

I thought Samsung and Apple created atrocities with their products so I switched to Asus and the Zenfone causes a lot of damage and extremely painful confusion, but at least it is not as harmful as Apple or Samsung. 


Screenshot (24 Mar 2024 9_04_34 am).jpg


Zen Master I

Your conspiracy theory to complicate users' lives is unconscionable. 

The messaging app may look basic, but it's from Google and not Asus. Claim Google for new features. 

No it's true. Look at reliability metrics yourself for stuff built after 2010. People die in a car because the windows are computer-controlled. Not because of the accident. because they are trapped in a computer-controlled living hell of deliberate bad quality, stuff that breaks and terrorize the customer is often a lot more profitable than a good delivery. If you want me to provide more evidence, there is plenty. I worked for several huge companies and they make the most money from selling spare parts and repairing the product so it's more profitable to sell bad quality. You can look for yourself everywhere. It isn't the good quality products that are the most profitable. It's the expensive stuff that also breaks (because they put too many computers inside)

If it's Google, it's even more insane that the company has 1 trillion USD but cannot even make the simplest function work, that would work for a first year programmer student. It can only have been deliberately broken. There is no other explanation. You cannot fail to write a simple GUI with 1 trillion USD unless you fail deliberately. They have 1 trillion USD and cannot deliver the simplest software, that any first year student of engineering can do easily! Get real

Zen Master I

Well, my answer is about your Asus conspiracy, not about cars or planned obsolescence, which is another topic.

By a characteristic of a simple application of a product of a certain brand, you think it is on purpose to substantiate a conspiracy. It occurs to me that A12 has rewritten the application and is adding features according to use or traceability. Or they just discard it because they think it's used. Ah, but since they're $1 billion and DDAC uses it, they take it away to annoy you. 🤷

See, do you know that Google has removed the feature of hiding the navigation bar? In A10 it could be hidden, but in A12 and later it could not. Was it removed because of a conspiracy as well? Well, when I came to this brand, I proposed the change along with others and voilà, Asus has modified the system and allows you to hide it. With the Messages app, it's more complicated, because it depends on Google. But it has forums where people complain or propose changes. No conspiracies. 

By the way, of course there is planned obsolescence in the industry, but not everything that doesn't work as DDAC thinks is planned obsolescence.