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Bluetooth Cutting Out When Phone In Pocket

Star I

Has anybody constantly had their Bluetooth headphones cutout randomly when the phone is in their pocket. I find this happens especially when it's in the front pockets of my pants. This issue also happens when any pair of headphones or earbuds I try as well any place I am regardless if I'm out or at home. 

Does anybody have a fix to this or is Asus addressing this for the next update?



Can you please share the Bluetooth log?

You can capture the log by following the process mentioned here.

@Mansi_ASUS  not OP, but I extracted a log on my phone. I was having the issue today (2023-10-19) at around between 12:45 and 13:15 (US/Eastern); so would look around then. Can't attach due to file size. Thanks in advance:

Let me know if you have issues accessing.

Rising Star II

It's happening to me too but the phone (Zenfone 10) doesn't have to be in my pocket to start cutting off.  I'm using the Galaxy Buds Live but the thing is that I didn't have this problem before with the Zenfone 9.

Star II

I have the same exact issue. Has it not always done this? I only just recently picked up the Zenfone 10 and wasn't sure if my phone is defective. Haven't had any issue like this on previous Android phones. 😞 I also find I can put my hand over my phone in my pocket and make the issue even worse. It's fine when the phone is stationary. I think there most some issue with bodily interference with the signal...but it still seems strange given I don't have this issue with a Pixel 7 phone that I was using before for instance.