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Bluetooth Cutting Out When Phone In Pocket

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Has anybody constantly had their Bluetooth headphones cutout randomly when the phone is in their pocket. I find this happens especially when it's in the front pockets of my pants. This issue also happens when any pair of headphones or earbuds I try as well any place I am regardless if I'm out or at home. 

Does anybody have a fix to this or is Asus addressing this for the next update?


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I'm having exactly the same issue! Please see my post here:

Is this a Zenfone 10 Bluetooth antenna design issue, software issue or a broken motherboard? Asus please comment. 

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@Mansi_ASUS, any update on this? Still having the issue. I'm trying disabling LE Audio in the developer settings which was a suggestion from a user in another thread. I'm probably going to be sending the phone in for warranty soon as while the issue can be worked's very annoying to have cutting out audio when I am walking and having the phone in my pocket.