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Battery drain

Star III

Battery on this phone is really wierd. 

If i charge to 100 it will drain quickly down till 90-80 and then stop

Am i the only one with this problem?


Send a screenshot of "battery usage" like this screenshot.


see this attached file.. 100 % then after 8 min 98 and it says only 3 hours battery left. it falls 1 procent every couple of minutes then is stops around 88-90 procent and after that battery life is great. around 35-40 hours until next charge

Indeed it's very strange, however I think we have to wait a little to get a real estimate of the remaining time. You should check again in an hour.

This happens every second or sometimes every charge. Not when i limit charge to 80 or 90. Only when i charge to 100

Have you tried restarting your phone? Maybe your battery is defective, if it persists you should contact technical support.