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Asus Zenfone 10 Firehose Programmer

Rising Star I


Qualcomm Firehose Programmer​


The Qualcomm Firehose Programmer is a specialized tool used to flash firmware onto Qualcomm chipsets found in various devices, including smartphones, tablets. It operates in Emergency Download (EDL) mode, a low-level software interface that allows direct access to the device's hardware.


  • Flashing firmware updates
  • Unbricking devices
  • Performing backups and restorations
  • Modifying system partitions


  • Supports various firmware formats, including .mbn, .elf, .bin and .melf for new devices
  • Offers command-line interface for advanced users
  • Provides some GUI-based tools for easier flashing
  • Requires specific hardware cables and drivers for connection
  • Zenfone 10 

Rising Star I

Unless things have radically changed between ZF8 and ZF 10, specific cables should not be required most of the time. I bought one and couldn't even use it.

If you can access your phone in adb, you can reboot-bootloader, and proceed. If you cannot access adb, start your phone in recovery by holding vol up + power.

When at the bootloader, there is a special fastboot command to instantly enter edl mode, no cable, no shorting or removing battery required: "fastboot oem enter-dload" will put your device into EDL mode. Then it's a matter of making sure you have the right Qualcomm drivers installed on your computer in order to communicate with it. I recommend downloading the latest QPST because QPST had everything needed in one package. AFAIK You can get the firehose files from any RAW/Full (not OTA update -- ones that are not only payload.bin).

Hope that helps someone!