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zu680kl missing bootloader?

Model: ZE552KL
Firmware/App Version: zu680kl missing bootloader?
Location: zu680kl missing bootloader?
Frequency of Occurrence: zu680kl missing bootloader?
Rooted: Yes
App Name: zu680kl missing bootloader?
Description: zu680kl missing bootloader?

Last edited by ziontuckerzt303 on 2020/3/14 12:02 Hey everyone - hoping someone can help me out here. I have on my desk here a zu680kl zenfone 3 ultra - that was sent from up north by a friend for repair. She was previously attempting to acquire more baseband frequencies as she was often without service in her area. She successfully rooted her device complete with flashing twrp. Her attempt at acquiring more frequencies was in vain obviously and so she went to flash back to fully stock firmware. Something went amiss and her bootloader is either corrupted or missing entirely and now currently the device has a definite pure black screen - nothing ever displays on it - not even thtweakbox appvalley backlight - led flashing red. I can't get it to go into recovery or fastboot states regardless of any key combination. On the computer side - Device manager does see it as a Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E (COM7) - and I have in the past seen it listed as 9008 (com6). Qfil is the only app that seems to recognize the device, as miflash and many other attempted apps do not recognize the device being present. I am very familiar with Nexus and Samsung based devices but the setup and process on this one as far as identifying the exact bootloader inside the ROM zip file from Asus and how to go about reflashing it has yet to be found by me. Been trying to brush up on .mbn files and FireHose programmers and rawprogram/patch0 XML files, etc. and it seems like there is nothing on this device on the web as far as emergency restore procedures like how, say, a Samsung would have download mode, and Odin 3 at your disposal, etc. Any and all information would be super appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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