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ZB602KL - bootloader unlocking missing from support page

Star II

cannot find the OEM unlocker on the support page, which I remember I saw some time ago.

Can you please point me where to look or to some 3rd parties copy?

Thank You,
my device needs to be freshened up, already system files not working, Lineage 20 with Android 13 is my goal.


Star II

I found online a ZB601KL_UnlockTool, anybody knows if it works for the 602 too?
I am a bit worried about it, not sure if it is legit... But I've been told that ASUS removed the unlocking tool from the net... so it's my only option at the moment.


For ZB602KL, there will no longer be any system updates and maintenance (including ZenUI Launcher & server).
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Star II

Actually, I am asking for no maintenance or updates.

I am invoking the Right To Repair instead, for which I, am providing to my own maintenance and self updates.

What I am asking is the tool that unlocks given maintenance, just months ago available freely on your website. Else, asking the community where can I download a legit copy or a working copy anyway.