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Android 14: less functionality and screen burn in

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I got my ZF10 on launch. I have been using it since then, I like it a lot, but no USB 3 sucks. Other than that, is perfect.

But then, Android 14 came.

It added literally nothing new. I can't think of a single thing feature that I'm using that wasn't on 13 already.

I fact, it got even less. The swipe from bottom to switch to the last or the one before app is lost. I would be reading manga on an app, then switch to WhatsApp to talk to someone or Instagram or telegram, and all I needed were a few swipes.

Now, if I want to write to someone, it's faster to just swipe to go to home and relaunch any app than swipe and look for the app, since you can only sweep and switch between two apps.


Another problem I got, is that a week or less after updating to Android 14, I got a massive burn in the middle bottom of my screen. I don't know how that happened, since I don't use any app that has any white or bright square there, and the apps with bright colors are usually everywhere on the screen, not just there.

The phone feels a bit laggier as well, don't know why. 


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I agree about android 14, pretty meh. But regarding app switching I don’t have any issue. I swipe my finger up about an inch of travel  from starting at the bottom and the  app switcher appears, no issue. Not experiencing any burn in or lagginess. I did find an app that was causing lagginess on 14 but worked fine on 13. Removed it and all is smooth again. App is in need of an update most likely. Possibly an app is causing your issue as well? Either way I’d do a factory reset, can’t hurt and might help. 


Hey @SrSamuel,

Can you please share a picture of the screen burn? 

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@Mansi_ASUS @cbreze


So I recorded a video where I show both of my main issues. The burn in, which you can see on the notification tab or anything that isn't black, and the swipe.


It starts well, as it swipes from the first app to a 4th or 5th, but then it loops between two, and if I were to swipe left instead, nothing happens, unlike before.


To put it simple, if you had apps A, B, C, D and E opened, in that order, you could swipe right and go from E to D, then swipe left to go back to E again if you did so under 10 seconds or so, and if you swipe right 4 times, from E to A, you could swipe left 4 times to get back to E. Maybe it's all now merged into swipe right and you have to watch your timing, but that drives me nuts, it was so good before.


Also, about the burn in, as you can see, it's almost a square, in more or less the middle. I started to notice it after just updating, but only the lower part of that square, and little by little, the full square was there.


And finally, I got another issue that I didn't with 13. I have Nova Launcher, and when I try to open an app, it won't, and I will have to swipe up to go back to home, then the second time it does. Didn't record that, since it's minor, but still annoying. 

It is not burn in. It seems like the on screen finger print sensor. It suspect  Asus disable the usage of it but the hardware is there. I noticed this at one point but forget how. I still on Android 13.