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zenfone 10 screen

Star I

have had zenfone 10 for less than 6 months and screen is cracked and scratched.  Obviously my fault has been treated exactly as all my prev phones, which were sonys, htc and work bberry key1.  Maybe they all had 'harder' screens - who knows?  Anyway, my question is about screen protectors and phone cases.  Somewhere in the manual i remember reading that plastic screen protector would impair the touchscreen performance.  And i dont really see how the case that is provided (in box with new phone) would protect anything fragile, except very edge of screen

Anyone have good experience or advice on this?



Star III

It’s supposed to have gorilla glass victus I  think, which is the latest and greatest supposedly. My screen is still scratch free. I also have a razr plus that got the front panel scratched seemingly out of nowhere on about the 2 day I had it. No idea how that happened. Point being we can acquire a scratch and also be scratching out heads as to how it happened. Sometimes just a mystery. But a crack I think I’d be aware of that happening, probably needs to be dropped for a crack.