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Windows 11 is unusable on Zenbook Duo ux482

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will asus be working on linux operating systems like ubuntu,popos,fedora and others to sustain performance of these laptops after windows 10 is deprecated in 2025

w11 is in general very sluggish with even right clicks and double clicks and overall a bad operating system for these laptops, its like using the PC for general purpose computing but the FPS drops to 35-40 every other minute.

writing this here because i will forget this in 3-4 days and try installing w11 again

MAIN QUESTION: Will asus atleast drop a supporting line for linux operating systems by the end of 2025 since windows 10 will deprecated by then, from what i know nvidia has started supporting linux with their drivers recently and asus wmi is already supported by developers. 


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I suggest you to keep Win10.
Asus clearly doesn't care about drivers and software development for their products.


Unfortunately, since we have not done relevant tests on the Linux system, we cannot evaluate its stability and compatibility with you.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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Community Manager
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